alumimium silicate

Aluminium Silicate Fiber Felt

Aluminum silicate fiber felt, with flint clay as main raw material, is made through fusing, producing fiber (in this course adding some adhesive), solidifying, and cut. The whole process is automatically controlled by PLC, and products are one-time molded. Specifications of Aluminium silicate fiber felt Density: 80-130kg/m3 Thickness: 15-50mm Width: 400, 600, 1200mm Length: can be customized as customers’ needs According to different applications they can be divided into: aluminum silicate fiber felt in roll and aluminum silicate flat felt. Applications Wall lining of Chemical industry high temperature reaction equipment and heating equipment; Industrial furnace, heating devices, wall lining of high temperature pipelines; Thermal insulation for stress relief of weld assembly and profiled metal casting; Fireproof and thermal insulation of high-rise buildings; Thermal insulation of furnace door and roofing, glass furnace.